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to follow a path of change and growth,
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life's miracles.



Jeanie McKenzie

Jeanie is married and a mother of four, with personal experience confronting the issues couples and single parents face in parenting children through youth, adolescence and early adulthood. She has a deep understanding of the complex challenges parents and children must deal with in today's changing world.

Her psychotherapeutic model encompasses use of Bowen Family Systems, Solution Focused Therapy, and a unique holistic approach exploring the cognitive, behavioral, and emotion issues that cause dysfunctional relationships.

The diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction leave families devastated. Jeanie has completed extensive program certifications in the field of substance abuse at Canadian and U.S. institutions. Practical experience and professional licensure have prepared her to fulfill the much-needed gap in support counselling that leads to family wholeness.

In addition to her individual and family counselling practice, Jeanie facilitates alcohol and drug education seminars and communication workshops for couples. A gentle guide, she leads the committed through the process of personal growth by fostering a new perception of emotional needs. She believes that understanding how to love oneself is the first step in learning to effectively love and help others.


Individual Counselling

Empowering healthy and productive personality changes to effectively break free from co-dependency,
resolve conflict and deal with emotional crisis, depression and anxiety.

Support in conflict resolution through developing change of negative behaviours and destructive attitudes.

Understanding and letting go of resentments through development of higher self esteem.

Working towards healthy differentiation within a family of origin, by revealing damaging
personal-interaction triangles and unproductive past behavioural patterns.

Learning how to set personal boundaries in relationships that create safe family and individual environments.

Gaining the confidence to express true inner feelings.


Couples Counselling

Strengthening marriage by developing emotional intimacy, setting healthy boundaries,
and practicing caring communication.

Repairing communication breakdowns by developing the coping skills to listen and also to be heard.

Learning to confront the dance of anger by responding instead of reacting to emotional fallout.

Effectively meeting and dissolving stress, anxiety and depression in relationships
by examining our personal values and belief systems.

Neutralizing grief from death, illness, or separation through examining past emotional reactions.

Exploring the challenge of life’s transitions: launching children through adolescence,
mid-life changes, empty nest, retirement, and grand-parenting.


Family Counselling

Examining the emotional interactions of the family unit, and how each member influences the other.

Analyzing individual issues by discussing predictable human responses and creating alternative behaviours.

Negotiating a parenting agreement plan for family communication and discipline.

Coping with suffering and loss together by moving past grief and embracing acceptance and love.

Dissecting and healing the emotional chaos as a result of dealing with issues of denial,
shame, guilt, enabling, and mistrust in family member substance abuse.

Learning how the family can recover and rebuild from the effects of alcoholism and drug addiction
through applying sound principles of detachment with love and other dynamic family interventions.





Spring: 4 sessions   |   Cost: $200/couple
$25 per person per group session
Maximum number of participants: 8

Spring: 2 sessions   |   Cost: $100/couple or $60/person
$25 per person per session for couples $30 per session for individuals
Maximum number of participants: 8

Spring: 2 sessions   |   Cost: $100/couple or $60/person
$25 per person per session for couples $30 per session for individuals
Maximum number of participants: 8


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